Sustainability is a key objective of our organisation. Lefika is hybridising our model to include an SME component to our NPO status in an effort to ensure organisational stability and contribute to job development. With this in mind we are collaborating with a group of creative inner-city woman in the development and marketing of a therapeutic product line. Our Comfort Dolls are a valuable source of income for these artists and their families, so each doll provides not only comfort for those who buy them, but for those who make them as well!


The Working Body of Knowledge series comprises eight books which are written and presented in such a way that they function as a synopsis and resource book containing the key concepts of Lefika. The story and themes of each book speak to core training objectives at Lefika. They capture the collective voices and processes over two decades that have created a ‘rock of holding’ and healing spaces.


Each book is thematically paired with a South African artist who speaks to the issue we are addressing. Further to this, relevant community artworks (created in Lefika groups) are also integrated into each publication.


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These Comfort Dolls are hand-made at Lefika La Phodiso by a group of inner-city Johannesburg women.  Each of these women began their Lefika journeys as unemployed beneficiaries of our community art counselling services. Over time they trained to become Community Art Counsellors and facilitate groups with children at risk. Now they are pioneering the production of these Comfort Dolls as part of a long term sustainability plan for both the organization and themselves. This product is a valuable source ]of income for these women and their families, and in this way each doll provides not only comfort for those who buy them, but for those who make them as well. 

Each set comes as a family of 5 dolls in a beautiful hand made pouch and instructions on how to use them: These dolls are made with love.  Whisper to each one;  your  dreams, thoughts, worries, memories and desires.  They will gently hold all of these for you. They can accompany you wherever you go as your own portable safe space.

Cost: R150 for 1 set or R280 for an additional set which will go to a child in-need.
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